Pop-in Newborn Nappy Box 2020

Pop-in Newborn Nappy Box 2020

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The Pop-in Newborn nappy set just got better and has become even more sustainable!! It's waterproof shells are made with RPET (recycled plastic bottles). Each nappy box uses 6 plastic bottles, so now you can divert both plastic bottles and nappies from landfill!

This Pop-in Newborn nappy set is an affordable way to get started on your cloth nappy journey from birth. These nappies fit newborns at a weight range between 5-12lbs (2-5.5kgs).

In the newborn box you will find: 10 double-sided newborn soakers and 6 newborn outershells in classic pastel colours.

If not soiled the outerwrap can be easily wiped clean and re-used (2-3 changes), meaning you just need to swap the wet soaker with a clean dry one.

The bamboo viscose terry soaker has 5 layers for even better absorbency and a top layer of fast wicking polyester to keep baby's skin drier in use.

The front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it and the nappy itself is much slimmer and intended for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring.