Why Choose Cloth

There are great benefits to choosing cloth nappies over disposables; your baby’s wellbeing, the impact on the planet and the money you save.

We have done some digging around and listed some facts to why cloth nappies are so beneficial. Let's dissolve the myths and #makeclothmainstream


  • A child will use between 4000 to 6000 disposable nappies in their lifetime. That is a considerable amount sitting in landfill.
  • Disposable nappies have only been around for approx 70 years, but research has shown that one nappy could take 500 years to decompose.
  • In the UK alone 8 million nappies are sent to landfill EVERY DAY! 
  • More water and energy is used in manufacturing single used nappies.
  • Every year one billion trees are cut down to create wood pulp to fill disposable nappies.
  • About 200 litres of water is used to wash a week’s worth of reusable nappies (3 washing loads), whereas 1550 litres is used to manufacture a weeks worth of disposable nappies.

Baby and Parents

  • By the time your little one is two and a half years old, it is estimated that £800 would have been spent on disposables.
  • A cloth nappy baby could save a parent a massive £500, and the saving will be even greater when used on subsequent children. 
  • Disposable nappies are full of nasty chemicals, which will not be against your baby’s skin if in a cloth nappy.
  • The fantastic thing about cloth nappies is they have a big second-hand market.
  • It has also been suggested that cloth nappy children potty train sooner than those in disposables.