Where To Start

If you are new to the cloth world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. There are a lot of brands, different nappy designs and an endless variety of prints out there. Take pleasure in knowing that there is no right or wrong for your cloth nappy journey. There will most likely be a bit of trial and error to find what works for you and what suits your baby.

Approx 20 reusable nappies are needed to cloth nappy full-time, but feel no pressure that it has to be all or nothing. Find the balance that works for you. Just by using one cloth nappy a day would save approx 730 disposable going to landfill. 

My advice would be not to try just one brand or type of nappy system, try a variety. What might work great for one baby may not be such a great fit for your little one. You may also have ones you prefer while you’re at home, another type while you’re out and about. You may even find your partner may like a different nappy system to you. There's nothing wrong with having a few different types in your stash.

A perfect place to start is to take a look at the different nappy systems we have in store, then find a colour or print you fall in love with. If you love the print or colour, it will sure bring a smile on your face when it is on your little one or drying on the washing line.