How To Take Care Of Your Cloth Nappies

Before use and how to wash;

  • Pre-wash your nappies a couple of times before there first use. This will help increase the absorbency.
  • Most nappies and accessories can be washed up to 60° but some are recommended to be washed at 40°. 40° will be efficient enough to get your items clean.
  • Wash with a full load of washing (towels are a great filler if needed) and use the recommended amount of washing detergent for your load.
  • Wash with a non-bio detergent. Powder is best, as this won’t cause build-up like liquid would.
  • Do not wash with fabric conditioner, as this will also affect the absorbency.
  • A longer cotton wash setting will be best as there will be more water used to rinse the nappies.
  • Most brands say their items are suitable for a low tumble dry but air dry is best. This also makes it better for the environment.
  • Avoid putting the waterproof PUL in direct sunlight or on direct heat.

During use and trouble shooting;

  • Try to not leave your used nappies longer then 3 days till washday.
  • You can store them in a nappy bucket, or a large wet bag is also a great option for keeping your nappies together and your home smell free till they are washed.
  • Solid poo goes down the toilet. There is no need to rinse or soak your nappies before washday.
  • If you find your nappies start to smell or leaks then there may be a build up of detergent. Check your washing machine at the end of the rinse cycle. If there are still bubbles, give your nappies another run through the water rinse cycle. You may need to think of reducing the amount of detergent used or even the type of detergent you use, if this doesn’t solve the issue.
  • If you use nappy cream then always use a linear and ideally a ‘cloth friendly’ cream.

If what you are doing is working for you, then stick with it! Remember to keep it simple :)