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One Size Nappy Wrap

One Size Nappy Wrap

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Ecopipo one size PUL nappy wrap grows with your baby as it is suitable for babies 8lbs to 35lbs (3.6 to 16 kg). You adjust the poppers system on the rise to select the size to fit your baby. 

The wrap features double gussets to prevent leakages and also can be used for more then 1 nappy change, if not soiled.

If the wrap is not soiled, remove the inserts, wipe the inside of the waterproof wrap clean, place a clean insert or prefold and reuse. 

This wrap is very ample and it is recommended to waterproof Ecopipo night nappies , prefolds or terry nappies, even if your baby needs a lot of absorbency, for instance during night time, because there is room for adding lots of layers of absorbency.

This wrap is made entirely of PUL, therefore should never be exposed to the direct sunlight or be placed on top of a hot radiator

This wrap is really durable however to extend its life. it is better to hand wash it in lukewarm soapy water and air dry it in a shadow/indoors area.


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