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Hemp Booster
Hemp Booster

Hemp Booster

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These super thirsty hemp boosters are perfect for adding extra absorbing power to your nappies. Made from 55% Hemp and 45% super soft cotton, this booster is natural, breathable and eco friendly.

Snap it into Hippynut's Wholenut nappy insert, or mix it up with our bamboo booster for incredible absorbency.

Our booster comes in two sizes:

Small (day time) - consisting of 4 layers of absorbency

Large (night time) - consisting of 6 layers of absorbency when folded

These boosters can be snapped into each other to provide a whopping 10 layers of added absorption. They can also be folded in various ways to provide extra absorption at the front, middle or back, depending on your needs.

Made from 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton