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Buttah Organic All In One

Buttah Organic All In One

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A cloth nappy so straightforward, anyone can use it!

This sleek all-in-one nappy was created for simplicity. The sewn in core simply folds in - snap on your baby and go! No stuffing or faffing around trying to find another part to go with it.

Designed for a slim trim fit, this nappy can fit your little one from 10lbs - 35lbs. With stretchy wings that fasten on the side, perfect for when your little one is having tummy time or learning to crawl.

The absorbent core and additional booster, are both made from 100% certified organic cotton. Simply snap in the booster when your baby gets older and requires more absorbency.

These are Grovia's Buttah version. The same as their original all-in-one, but the outer waterproof layer has been replaced with a shimmery, pillowy fabric. It's quite possibly the softest thing you'll ever touched.

Reasons we love them

• A slim fit. Great for those who want less bulk.
• Easy and straight forward to use.
• No other parts needed.
• Absorbency made from 100% organic cotton.
• Popper fastenings on the side. Perfect for tummy time or learning to crawl.
• Soft and shimmery fabric outer shell.

Care Instructions

Machine wash up to 60°C, without fabric conditioner. Air dry is best, but can be put in the tumble drier on a low heat. Wash a couple of times before use.
You can find more care information in our free downloadable guide.


Inner Body: 4 layers of 100% Organic Cotton on both sewn-in insert and snap-in booster. Nappy Outer: 100% water-resistant Polyester TPU, lined with 2 layers of Organic Cotton.

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