About Us

Hi, I’m Laura and I launched Eco Mama & Baby at the start of March 2019 to help encourage and guide parents to choose reusable nappies over disposables.

When my daughter arrived in 2016, I started my cloth nappy journey with lots of trials and tribulations. None of my other mummy friends were using cloth and I didn’t really know where to go to learn about the cloth world. It is easy to give up on something when you feel it isn’t working or there’s no one to seek the answers from, so I try to connect with people who have an interest in the nappy world but find it daunting. I do local talks at coffee mornings and also hold stalls at markets.

Another key motivation for this business was to not only provide sustainable alternatives but to sell brands that are ethically made and are not sold with unnecessary packaging. I remember when buying reusable nappies for my daughter and them being wrapped in plastic and then sent to me from a company who had packaged my order in a plastic bag! I didn’t see the logic in buying an eco product for it to arrive in so much single-used plastic! I would find it so frustrating. The items Eco Mama & Baby sell are not wrapped in single used plastic and your orders will be sent by us in either a cardboard box or paper bag which is sealed with biodegradable tape.

Besides from reusable nappies, we also sell reusable wipes, wet bags, make-up pads, breast pads and cloth sanitary items.

If you have any questions or would like us to do a talk or eco fayre, please email us at ecomamaandbaby@gmail.com

Many thanks