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One Size Pocket Nappy V2

One Size Pocket Nappy V2

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Ecopipo one size pocket nappy fits snuggly on your baby’s bum with it's durable hook and loop (Velcro) system.

Ecopipo's pocket nappy fits your baby from 7-8 lbs (3.6 kg) up to 35lbs+ (16 kg) and it has a double ultra-soft elastic gusset system to reduce leaks.

This pocket nappy has a super soft, durable and stretchy back elastic that keeps your baby’s stool in, without causing red marks on her delicate skin.

Every nappy comes with an insert made of one-third microfibers and two-thirds organic bamboo for maximum absorbency.

The waterproof outer layer of the nappy is made of PUL while the nappy’s inside is lined with a super soft, easy to wash microfleece that keep your baby’s bottom dry and fresh while wearing her nappy.

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