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One Size Pocket Nappy - Plain

One Size Pocket Nappy - Plain

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Baba+Boo one size pocket nappies are also known as birth-to-potty nappies. You will get the most out of these reusables as they are adjustable in size to accommodate your baby. They are a suitable fit once your little one is 10lbs and will continue to fit well till potty training age.

These nappies have a pocket at the back of the waterproof nappy, here is where you put the absorbent inserts. Each of these Baba+Boo nappies come with two bamboo mix inserts.

At a younger age, babies will only need one insert but as they grow you will find two inserts will do the trick for extra absorbency.

One size nappies are really easy to put on as they have popper fastenings, which make the nappy really secure. 

Reasons we love them:

  • Fit babies from 10lbs till their potty trained.

  • Popper system to fasten. Saves for when they get older and work out how velcro can be ripped off!

  • Waterproof lining and comes with two inserts, so no need for anything extra.

  • Gusset which helps keeps the poop inside the nappy and helps with those poo-explosions.

  • Completely free of nasties.

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