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One Size Pocket Nappy - Hope Collection

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Baba+Boo's one size pocket nappy is a birth-to-potty nappy. Although not ideal for newborns, the nappy should fit your little one from around 10lbs in weight. The popper rises down the front of the nappy allows you to adjust the size and should last till it's time for potty training.

The nappy is lined with a very soft fleece which is gentle against your baby's skin. There is a pocket at the back of the nappy - this is where you would stuff the absorbent inserts.

Each pocket nappy comes with two bamboo/microfibre mix inserts. At a younger age, you may only need to use one insert, but as they grow you will find two inserts will do the trick.

Reasons we love them:

  • The nappy grows with your baby with the popper rises down the front of the nappy. 

  • Secure popper waist fastening. Great for when your little one works out how they can undo velcro.

  • Comes with two inserts, so no need for anything extra.

  • Internal sewn in double gusset which helps prevent those poo-explosions from leaking.

Watch our guide to Baba+Boo's One Size Pocket Nappy here.

Fabric Info: Nappy Outer is made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane lining. Nappy Inner is made from very soft microfleece. Inserts Outer 80% bamboo 20% polyester, Inner 80% polyester 20% polyamide.

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